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    Rival Parties Battle for Votes in Southeast Ukraine

    The schism in the pro-Russia camp is preventing the return of the political model of two Ukraines, a model that is the perfect breeding ground for politicians who boost their ratings by fanning the flames of the interregional confrontation in the country. Typically, the same thing is happening in western Ukraine, too, where unity in the pro-European-patriotic camp has been splintered by rivalry between former president Petro Poroshenko’s European Solidarity party and rock star Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s Holos (Voice) party.

    • Carnegie.ru Commentary

    Playing the Long Game: United States Targets Russia’s Sovereign Debt

    Financial sanctions that limit Russia’s borrowing are for now ineffective, as Russia currently has three surpluses: in the federal budget, balance of trade, and current account. The Russian state and most Russian business (at least the kind of business that could in theory raise investment abroad) simply don’t need major credit lines.

    • Diwan

    Does Europe Still Have Any Chance of Keeping the Nuclear Deal With Iran Alive?

    A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.

    • Carnegie.ru Commentary

    Russia’s Changing Identity: In Search of a Role in the 21st Century

    Russia’s brand of exceptionalism is not messianic. It is rooted in the isolation of an Orthodox country and its belief that it possesses the gift of a true religious faith. It has been strengthened by Russia’s successful—if costly—defense of its state sovereignty, and confirmed by Russia’s status as a major global player that refuses to take orders from anyone.

    • Article

    International Democracy Support: Filling the Leadership Vacuum

    The loss of U.S. leadership in advancing democracy abroad is a major blow, but others in the international community are attempting to fill the vacuum.

    • Strategic Europe

    What Are You Reading?

    Time for Strategic Europe’s summer reading suggestions! Carnegie Europe has asked a cross-section of analysts, journalists, and policymakers to share their favorite books.

    • Event

    The Rise of Fake News in India

    Carnegie India, in partnership with the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, will host the fourth talk of the Anahita Speaker Series on “The Rise of Fake News in India.”

    • Podcast

    The Crisis Unfolding in Asia

    In this episode, Paul Haenle spoke with Evan Medeiros, former special assistant to the president and senior director for Asian affairs at the National Security Council, on escalating tensions between Japan and South Korea and the implications for the United States and China.

    • Europe and the INF Crisis - Strength and Dialogue

      • Ulrich Kühn
      • July 17, 2019
      • Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development

      The collapse of the INF Treaty requires renewed effort among European nations to act in unity, increasing pressure on Moscow.

      • Op-Ed

      Zelenskiy’s Ukraine: Greenhorn Challenge

      The Ukrainian parliamentary election is widely expected to give President Zelenskiy a greater mandate for reform. He has to start to deliver soon and face the resistance of the opposition.

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