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  • China-Latin American Relations: Long-term Boon or Short-term Boom

    • Matt Ferchen
    • January 29, 2011
    • Chinese Journal of International Politics

    China’s domestic development drive has prompted it to develop trade relations with Latin America. While generating positive economic results for both sides in the short-term, the threat of Latin America once again falling into a pattern of export dependency—this time with China—looms large.

  • China’s Military Muscle

    As China’s military modernization steadily advances, there are questions in Washington about Beijing’s ability to project power abroad and deter U.S. intervention in the Pacific—and whether that poses a threat to American interests

  • Overcoming Mistrust in U.S.-China Relations

    Open communication between the U.S. and Chinese governments and militaries can help overcome mutual distrust and create opportunities to tackle the world’s most critical problems, from the global economic crisis to stability on the Korean peninsula.

  • China's Assertive Behavior—Part One: On "Core Interests"

    Beijing's usage of the term "core interests" to describe its critical national priorities indicates that while China has become increasingly assertive on the global stage, the nature and direction of this assertiveness is still being worked out by Chinese leaders.

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