In this episode of the China in the World podcast, Paul Haenle speaks with Peter Martin about his new book, “China’s Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy.” Peter Martin’s book charts the history of Chinese diplomacy, from the rise of the Communist Party during the Republican era to the end of 2020. Mr. Martin’s research references hundreds of primary documents, including personal memoirs and diaries recorded by Chinese government officials. He explains that “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy, as it has come to be known, is nothing new, and that its roots lie in the internal incentive structure of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Both public opinion and the directives of Party superiors combine to compel China’s diplomatic corps to be assertive players on the international stage.

Mr. Peter Martin is a Defense Policy and Intelligence Reporter for Bloomberg News. Mr. Martin has written extensively about China and U.S.-China relations. His latest book is “China’s Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy,” published in June 2021 via Oxford University Press.