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Recent Publications

    • Op-Ed

    What Do North Korean Provocations Mean for China?

    The current status quo over the Korean Peninsula is not sustainable, as North Korea faces growing economic stress and may become more desperate to shake off the external constraints.

    • What the Five Nuclear Weapon States Can Do to Contain Nuclear Risks

      • Tong Zhao
      • May 22, 2020
      • Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

      The international debate about nuclear risk has catalogued many different kinds of risk and danger. But two stand out as especially salient: the risk of the nuclear arms race and the risk of employment of nuclear weapons arising out of a conventional conflict.

      • Op-Ed

      No Magic in Nuclear Buildup

      China once had the smallest nuclear arsenal of the five nuclear powers. But to ensure the effectiveness of its deterrence in a complex security environment, it has made steady efforts to modernize its arsenal.

      • Article

      China’s Regional Engagement Goals in Latin America

      • Margaret Myers
      • May 07, 2020

      The success of China’s regional outreach in Latin America will depend, as it has for a number of years, on Beijing’s relative influence in regional institutions and on the capacity and effectiveness of the institutions themselves.

      • Article

      How the United States Should Deal With China in Pakistan

      • Daniel Markey
      • April 08, 2020

      The Trump administration holds a decidedly critical view of China’s infrastructure initiatives in Pakistan. Although there is much to criticize in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the administration’s fixation on commercial and economic issues threatens to distract U.S. policymakers from deeper concerns.

      • Commentary

      The Coronavirus Requires International Security Cooperation

      The far-reaching political and economic impacts of pandemics warrant security coordination on par with that of military threats.

      • Op-Ed

      Orchestrating the International Healthcare Effort

      A major reason for the quick spread of the coronavirus is the lack of orchestration in the international effort to contain it. Currently, protection and monitoring measures are decided by authorities in different countries, whose standards and levels of implementation vary.

      • Op-Ed

      Nuclear Powers Must Lead on Arms Control

      The Nuclear Weapons States (NWS) are under-utilizing the P5 Process, endangering global efforts to promote disarmament through transparency and confidence-building measures. If reinvigorated, however, the Process has the potential to make greater contributions to arms control.

      • Quick Take

      What Trump’s Trip to India Means for China

      India manages a delicate balancing act between the United States and China, but in several key areas, the three giants could advance shared interests.

      • Op-Ed

      China’s Dilemmas over Stalled North Korean Denuclearization Talks

      • Tong Zhao
      • February 21, 2020
      • Panel on Peace and Security of Northeast Asia

      As North Korea continues to stall talks with the United States and South Korea, there is a greater need for China to play a more assertive role to help break the impasse.