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Recent Publications

    • Article

    Six Principles to Guide China’s Policy Toward the United States

    • Jie Dalei
    • December 03, 2020

    This article distills several potential principles for Beijing to adopt in its competition with the United States, including two each in the following three areas: Marxism, traditional Chinese culture, and China’s historical experiences since 1949.

    • Article

    Four Principles to Guide U.S. Policy Toward China

    • Ali Wyne
    • October 30, 2020

    While deteriorating U.S.-China ties would be distressing under any circumstances, the present situation is especially sobering when one considers its proximate catalyst: a global health-cum-economic crisis that should have occasioned emergency coordination between Washington and Beijing.

    • Q&A

    South Korea Is Caught Between China and the United States

    But Seoul’s positioning is not all bad. As South Korea and other Asian countries step gingerly with one eye on the superpowers’ rivalry, there are also opportunities to be found.

    • Article

    Chinese Security Contractors in Africa

    • Paul Nantulya
    • October 08, 2020

    As China’s engagement with African countries has grown over the past several years, Beijing is increasingly turning to security contractors to protect its Belt and Road Initiative projects, citizens, and diplomats.

    • Policy Outlook

    Practical Ways to Promote U.S.-China Arms Control Cooperation

    The United States and China must cooperate on arms control. But to do so, the two countries need an innovative approach.

    • Article

    Rough Waters Ahead for Vietnam-China Relations

    Even as the Vietnamese government has kept diplomatic channels with Beijing open, it has also sought to assert and advocate for its own sovereignty and rights by diversifying its diplomatic partnerships and strengthening its own capabilities.

    • The Day After

    View From Beijing

    Effective nuclear arms control engagement with China will likely require confidence-building measures by the United States and greater support from the international community.

    • Q&A

    What Is the U.S. Ban on TikTok and WeChat All About?

    Two experts, one Chinese one American, weigh in on the TikTok and WeChat ban. This high-stakes contest reflects a wider technological decoupling that could splinter the internet

    • Op-Ed

    Managing the Sino-American Dispute Over Missile Defense

    Supporters of nuclear expansion believe that a larger Chinese nuclear arsenal is the key to prevent a war with Washington and “nothing else could work.” The overt nature of the debate is unprecedented and shifts public opinion toward greater enthusiasm for a more robust nuclear posture.

    • The United States, China, and the Future of Arms Control

      To better understand the prospects for U.S.-China arms control, The Diplomat’s senior editor, Ankit Panda, spoke to Tong Zhao, a senior fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, based at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing.