How Do Americans View the World?

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Find out what Americans think, and where you fit in, with a new interactive resource from Carnegie and the Pew Research Center.
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How do Americans View

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41% of Americans think China is the world’s leading economic power. 58% think the United States will achieve its goals in Afghanistan. 64% think tough international economic sanctions won’t convince Iran to give up its nuclear program.

Americans’ views of the world have changed dramatically in the last decade—track how U.S. attitudes are evolving and where you fit in with this groundbreaking interactive feature from Carnegie and the Pew Research Center.

How do Americans View

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    Explore American opinions on foreign affairs, including the global economy and international threats.
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    See how your opinions compare with the American public.
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    Access related analysis from Carnegie scholars.
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    Compare public opinion across different demographics.
How do Americans View

How do Americans View

How do Americans View

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