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Hierarchy in International Relations
March 30, 2015 Beijing
Hierarchy in International Relations

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  • The China Conundrum
    February 13, 2012  – Beijing 中文

    No country generates as many different economic forecasts and interpretations than China. Some analysts claim that China is an unstoppable economic power, while others warn that China’s economic growth is unstable, unbalanced, and unsustainable.

  • U.S.-Chinese Cooperation
    February 2, 2012  – Beijing

    As China’s global presence grows, the role that it will play in the international systems remains hotly contested both inside and outside of country.

  • China and the United States Need to Cooperate
    February 2, 2012  – Beijing

    Amid discussions of a U.S. decline, the role that China will play as a global leader becomes an ever more heated topic. However, debate remains about whether China is ready or willing to be a global leader.

  • The DPRK and Six Party Talks After Kim Jong-Il
    January 17, 2012  – Beijing 中文

    With the death of Kim Jong-Il, global attention has refocused and intensified on North Korea and the Six Party Talks—halted since April 2009.

  • Durban Climate Negotiation Reveals Next Steps Needed for China
    January 16, 2012  – Beijing 中文

    A number of important decisions and agreements were reached between parties of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Durban, South Africa, although many issues remain unresolved.

  • Conditionality in China’s Aid Model
    January 10, 2012  – Beijing

    Conditionality poses the most significant difference in how aid is given by Western nations and China.

  • Transformation of China’s Diplomacy: New Disciplines, New Paradigm, and New Strategy
    December 17, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    China’s traditional diplomacy is at a crossroads as it adjusts to the new global order. The financial crises, climate change, and regional instability have propelled China into a new global role and in turn, a new era of diplomacy.

  • Monsoon: The Greater Indian Ocean in the 21st Century
    December 14, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    Recently, China announced that it is considering an offer by the Seychelles to use its ports for resupplying naval vessels. Meanwhile, India is believed to be planning a cooperative effort with Vietnam on oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea.

  • National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Complex Modernization and Strategic Stability
    December 9, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    The Obama administration requested a ten percent increase in 2012 for funding for weapons activities under the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). This increase has raised questions in China about U.S. commitment to disarmament and strategic stability.

  • Russia Must Adapt to the Changing Global Order: Release of Dmitri Trenin’s Post-Imperium
    November 17, 2011  – Beijing

    The Russian Empire is gone and it is never coming back. Russia must now take steps as a post-imperial nation to quickly modernize lest it becomes marginalized in the evolving global order.

  • Putin’s New Strategy for Russia
    November 15, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    Part of Vladimir Putin’s grand vision for the Russian state includes the formation of a Eurasian Union. Since 2009, his foreign policy strategy has been aimed at attracting foreign investors and integrating the former Soviet states.

  • New Views on New START
    November 14, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    On April 8, 2010, Russia and the United States signed the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), which limits both countries’ deployed strategic warheads and demonstrates U.S. and Russian commitment to Article VI of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

  • Unlocking the Iran Nuclear Issue
    November 14, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    The International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) report’s assemblage of evidence and meticulous sourcing on Iran's nuclear program elicited questions as to whether it would compel countries like China and Russia to undertake a stronger stance.

  • Politics and Diplomacy of the China Model
    November 13, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    The key facets of the China’s developmental model could be useful for the world’s emerging economies to emulate.

  • Global Economic Climate and how it Impacts the American Economy
    November 7, 2011  – Beijing

    National economies are becoming increasingly interdependent and a fiscal policy made halfway across the world can have global reverberations. As a result, an understanding of the current investment climate in the United States requires an understanding of the global economic climate.

  • China, Pakistan, and the Nuclear Suppliers Group
    November 2, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    In the past few years, the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has confronted two cases of nuclear commerce not compliant with its criteria.

  • APEC: Views from Beijing
    October 19, 2011  – Washington, D.C. 中文

    President Obama's interactions with Chinese officials during his November visit to the East Asian Summit will be part of a high visibility effort by the United States to “rebalance” its attention to Asia.

  • Future of China’s Economic Rise is Unpredictable
    October 13, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    China’s economy— more importantly, its domestic consumption— is not as unbalanced as it first appears and is a result of the broader direction of the country’s economy.

  • U.S. Policy Perspectives on South Asian Security
    October 12, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    South Asia’s close proximity to East Asia, combined with security interests in Afghanistan and Pakistan, place it in a geopolitically significant position for both China and the United States.

  • China’s Harmonious Culture and its Impact on Foreign Affairs
    September 29, 2011  – Beijing 中文

    Chinese traditional culture has broad implications for the country’s rapidly transitioning foreign policy and diplomacy strategy which are little understood by the international community.


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