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  • China-Japan Relations: Evaluating the Possibility of Military Conflict
    September 1, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    Developments in Japan’s defense policy and military spending have reinforced Chinese concerns that Japan is pursuing a policy of containment. It is unclear if a stronger Japanese military would have a stabilizing role in the Asia Pacific, or if it would only heighten existing tensions.

  • China and Its Neighboring Countries: Big Data Illustrations
    July 9, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    As a critical part of a rapidly developing region that is a hub for global trade and business, it has become crucial for China to build more sustainable and positive relations with its neighbors amidst a multitude of challenges and tensions.

  • Chinese Energy Security and Geopolitics: The China-Russia Gas Deal and Beyond
    July 6, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    China’s National Petroleum Corporation and Russia’s OAO Gazprom signed a multi-billion dollar gas deal with far-reaching implications for geopolitics and global energy markets. Whether this represents a meaningful pivot eastward by Russia remains to be seen.

  • City-to-City Diplomacy and the Sino-U.S. Relationship
    June 19, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    City-to-city diplomacy is becoming an increasingly important part of U.S. and Chinese soft power, public diplomacy, and foreign policy strategies.

  • U.S.-China Cooperation on Traditional and Nontraditional Security
    June 19, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    China’s growing regional presence and the increased U.S. involvement in the Asia-Pacific has underscored the importance for collaboration on traditional and nontraditional security issues.

  • The Challenge of Political Legitimacy in Southeast Asia
    June 18, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    In Southeast Asia, political dynamics appear to be outrunning political institutional frameworks. Although Thailand is the obvious case, political systems in other Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore, are also under strain.

  • China-U.S. Cooperation on Energy Issues
    June 18, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    Cooperation on energy and climate issues between the United States and China holds a lot of potential, as both countries are tackling the same challenges in this area.

  • Toward a Final Settlement of the Iran Nuclear Crisis
    May 29, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    The beginning of 2014 has already yielded important developments in nuclear policy circles. Iran and the P5+1 held talks, questions were raised about tensions between Moscow and Western powers, and North Korea threatened a fourth nuclear test.

  • Sino-EU Relations Post-EU Parliamentary Elections
    May 28, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent tour of Europe underscored the strengthening of China-EU economic ties over the last few years. However, changes in the EU’s internal political sphere may affect the current state of China-EU relations.

  • One Year After Sunnylands: Assessing the U.S.-China Relationship
    May 28, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    President Obama’s recent visit to Asia underscored the importance of the U.S.-China relationship and the challenge of managing it in the context of increasing interdependence, but also tension and mistrust.

  • China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Companies Going Global
    May 21, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    Rapid expansion of Chinese companies into international markets raises questions about the long-term effects of Chinese investment on domestic industries in Europe and the United States.

  • India, China, and Russia: Prospects for Cooperation
    May 14, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    India, China, and Russia are all set to play a major role on the global stage throughout the rest of the twenty-first century. The relationships between the three nations are complex, however, with opportunities for cooperation in areas of convergent interests often being hamstrung by long-standing disputes and rivalries.

  • China’s Oil Future: Balancing Economic, Geopolitical, and Environmental Concerns
    May 8, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    China’s energy future will be shaped by its major oil ambitions, including the opportunity to exploit newly accessible domestic resources.

  • Preserving Peace as China Rises
    April 29, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    China’s rise has generated enormous prosperity for the countries of Asia, as well as difficult questions about the region’s future stability and strategic order.

  • South Asia’s Future
    April 28, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    As the United States draws down its presence in Afghanistan, numerous questions remain about South Asia’s future and China’s role in the region.

  • American Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy
    April 11, 2014  – Beijing, China 中文

    As China's economic and military strength has grown over the past decade, more attention has been placed on how Beijing can enhance its soft power in parallel with its hard power.

  • Realizing the Rebalance: The United States Marine Corps in Asia
    April 10, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    Lieutenant General John E. Wissler, commander of Marine Forces Japan, discussed how the United States is cooperating with its Japanese hosts and others in Asia as part of the rebalancing strategy.

  • China’s Hypersonic Weapons Development
    April 8, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    China tested a hypersonic gliding weapon for the first time on January 9. Although details of the test are murky, it confirms a long-suspected Chinese interest in developing hypersonic weapons.

  • The Evolving China-Mexico Relationship: Trade and Investment Trends
    March 26, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    Within the last few years, the China-Mexico bilateral relationship has entered into a new and dynamic period. The new leaders in both countries have committed themselves to major domestic economic reforms, which are certain to impact the bilateral relationship.

  • China's Role in International Energy Governance
    March 21, 2014  – Beijing 中文

    Since its establishment in the 1970s, the global energy market has gone through significant change while regulations have remained stagnant. The global energy market urgently needs systematic reform.


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