Experienced diplomats and business leaders know the role that mistrust can play in preventing greater cooperation and understanding between China and the rest of the international community, even in areas of common interest. The Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy provides a unique platform in Beijing for collaborative research and dialogue between Chinese and international experts on critical global issues of our day, ranging from climate change to nonproliferation.

Recognizing that building greater mutual trust and enhancing international cooperation must start with our young people—whose ideas and views are still developing—the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center’s Young Ambassadors Program works to foster relationships and build understanding between our next generation of leaders. Join Yao Ming—respected former basketball star, philanthropist, and businessperson—in support of the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center and its Young Ambassadors Program and help ensure that our future leaders are better equipped to manage our global relationships and challenges in the decades to come.

Through the Global Intern Program, the U.S.-China Trust Initiative, and other programs, the Young Ambassadors Program empowers future leaders to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of today’s defining global issues, including transnational security challenges, models for sustainable economic growth, and resource and energy security
  • Cultivate the leadership, analytical, and professional skills needed to excel in cross-cultural environments by working alongside peers with diverse backgrounds to achieve common goals
  • Foster lifelong relationships with peers and mentors from different countries
  • Join an alumni network that spans the globe, including the world’s top universities, institutions, and enterprises

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