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Russia’s 2018 presidential election, the conclusion of the 19th Party Congress in China, and the beginning of President Trump’s second year in office are creating new dynamics in the relations between Russia, China, and the United States. Propelled by the close personal relationship between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin and their shared multi-polar worldview, China and Russia have deepened their strategic partnership through energy agreements, joint military exercises, and economic development in Central Asia through the Belt and Road Initiative. The Trump administration’s recent designation of China and Russia as “rival powers” to the United States in its national security strategy, meanwhile, underlines the increasingly competitive, and in some cases adversarial, nature of their relations with Washington.

Immediately following Russia’s presidential election, Carnegie–Tsinghua Center director Paul Haenle will moderate a discussion with scholars from Carnegie’s Moscow Center and Fudan University’s Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies, to analyze globally significant issues intersecting China, Russia, and the United States and the geopolitical implications for the Asia-Pacific.

This panel is the third of the Carnegie Global Dialogue Series 2017-2018 and cosponsored by Fudan University's Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies. This event is off the record.

Feng Yujun

Feng Yujun is vice dean of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University and director of the institute's Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies. 

Dmitri Trenin

Dmitri Trenin is the director of the Carnegie Moscow Center and the chair of its Foreign and Security Policy Program.

Ma Bin

Ma Bin is assistant research fellow at the Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies and the Research Center for Shanghai Cooperation Organization, both at Fudan University.

Alexander Gabuev

Alexander Gabuev is a senior fellow and the chair of the Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.

Paul Haenle

Paul Haenle is the director of the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy based at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Haenle’s research focuses on Chinese foreign policy and U.S.-China relations.