Obama Is Back in Asia

Q&A November 6, 2014

With fears mounting that Washington has lost focus on Asia, Obama’s summit-filled trip to the region is an opportunity to reconnect with leaders and chart a clear course.

More on U.S. Foreign Policy Ashley Tellis proposes a U.S. strategy to respond to China’s rise


Building Strategic Trust in the U.S.-China Relationship

Op-Ed November 6, 2014

Fostering strategic trust between Beijing and Washington will continue to play a key role in further strengthening U.S.-Sino bilateral relations.

Topics Discussed

Carnegie Global Dialogue

Event October 22, 2014

China is an emerging world power with significant resources and an interest in maintaining global stability. What role will Beijing play on the international stage?

More from the 2013 Global Dialogue Kevin Rudd, Douglas Paal, Yan Xuetong, and Paul Haenle discuss U.S.-China relations


China's Role in the Middle East

Podcast November 11, 2014

Despite its regional commercial interests, Beijing will not join military efforts against the Islamic State in the Middle East because of the country’s longstanding principle of non-interference.


Crude Complications: Venezuela, China, and the United States

Article October 23, 2014

China and the United States see things differently when it comes to Caracas. But they should work together to lessen the climate impact of the oil they import from Venezuela.


Conventional Prompt Global Strike: Progress, Prospects, and Implications for Strategic Stability

Event October 23, 2014

Developing U.S. Conventional Prompt Global Strike weapons will require confidence-building measures to enhance rather than harm Asian-Pacific regional strategic stability.