Are the BRICS Irrelevant?

Article April 10, 2014

After a decade as the darling of the economic world, the BRICS group is rumored to be facing its demise. 

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Chinese Nuclear Security Cooperation

Podcast April 10, 2014

China has made several important contributions to international nuclear security and shares many common goals with the United States on this issue. 

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China's Perspective on the Ukraine Crisis

Podcast March 9, 2014

As tensions continue to mount in Ukraine, the international community is watching China’s position on the crisis with great interest.


China's Energy Future at a Crossroads

Q&A March 17, 2014

China’s energy sector had a potentially watershed year in 2013.

Topics Discussed

China and Europe: Deepening the Comprehensive Partnership

Article March 28, 2014

When the head of state of the world’s largest exporting country, China, is visiting the world’s biggest market, the EU, economists pay close attention.


More on China's foreign policy Zhao Kejin discusses balance of power in the Asia Pacific


China Turns to Southeast Asia

Article March 28, 2014

A primary focus of China’s next era of foreign policy will be emerging and neighboring powers, especially in Southeast Asia.

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More on China's foreign relations Douglas H. Paal analyzes China's new foreign policy strategies 


U.S.-China Relations: Moving Beyond the Script

Op-Ed April 10, 2014

Beijing and Washington must manage relations amid increasing bilateral interdependence, tension, and mistrust. 

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