Globalization’s Effects on the International Community

  • Chen Qi
  • , Bertrand Badie
  • , Cui Baoguo
  • , Marie-Françoise Durand
  • , Wataru Sawamura
Event September 11, 2014

Globalization has integrated the global economy and lifted billions of people out of poverty. However, it has also dispersed global political power and has strained the existing world order.

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Progress or Paralysis on Addressing Climate Change?

podcast September 9, 2014

Chinese officials would like developed countries to extend greater support to developing nations for their efforts to combat climate change. With more support, China would be willing to agree to more ambitious

Topics Discussed

The Impact of Asian Investment on Africa’s Textile Industries

Paper August 27, 2014

Asian investors present both a challenge to and an opportunity for local industries, and southeast African countries need a clear vision and tailored policies to develop their burgeoning industries.


Energy and Climate Collaboration Key to U.S.-China Relations

Op-ed August 8, 2014

Successful collaboration on energy and climate matters may hold the key to unlocking the tight knot in wider U.S.-China diplomatic relations.

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